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Forwarding REST API requests and responses using iptables

You do not do it with IP tables, you do it with http-server configs. Setup two http servers. One visible to the public (your node-int), and another inside your LAN, unaccessible from outside world (...
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Should 'dpkg -i iptables' be installing the required kernel modules?

dpkg installs whatever is provided in the packages it’s given, and runs the maintainer scripts included in the packages. In iptables’ case, the iptables command itself takes care of loading the ...
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Iptables: order of redirect and input-filter

The PREROUTING chain in the nat table handles the redirection for you: iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING --protocol tcp --dport 443 --jump REDIRECT --to-port 9443 Then the INPUT chain (implicitly in the ...
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Allow SSH connection to machine connected to VPN

THe issue with the connection is return packets are going out of a differnt interface. The inbound packets are coming in through enp5s0 and going out via tun0. The rules you have used should be ...
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