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Using ip addr flush will work, but it will also clear any and all addresses set on that interface - possibly including the one that you are using, if you're logged in to a remote machine. This may lock you out of your device. RNETLINK answers: File exists happens when you're trying to add a rule that conflicts with an existing rule. I would guess that OP was ...


Wireshark captures packets from network interface the same way as tcpdump is, so you won't see different results. You might check this yourself: tcpdump [...] -w dump_file.pcap, transfer the resulting file to the other machine that has wireshark and load it there for review.


The output of ip route does not show any default route to access networks beyond the few explicitly listed networks. If the machine at provides full internet connectivity, you'd want to add it as your default route by executing (sudo) ip route add default via dev enp4s0 after which ip route should show this as the first entry in ...


The subnet to is i.e. the netmask is, not In is the network address i.e. not a valid host address. subnet routing You have to find out whether your ISP is routing to an IP outside that range (e.g. or whether the uplink IP is within ...

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