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I have found a solution, there may be a better one but this worked for me... Part 1 Instead of doing: sudo apt upgrade by itself you have to use the tag --fix-missing and it will fail at first but then discover all the packages you set up using the normal method of apt-offline and it will update as expected. Short story use this command: sudo apt ...


Your RasPis can currently talk to the Linux PC because it is in the same network segment and has IP address But when a RasPi attempts to access something in the internet, it will attempt to send the packets to for further routing. But because the Linux PC's address on the RasPi network side is, not .11, the Linux PC ...


Try this: 1) install resolvconf app "sudo apt install resolvconf" 2) sudo service networking restart Or if resolvconf is already installed: 1) sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf 2) sudo service networking restart The resolvconf program changes /etc/resolv.conf file and acts as an intermediary between programs which use that file (here Chrome).


You need only configure google.cgi plugin: cp /path-to-w3m-sources/Bonus/google.cgi /usr/lib/w3m/cgi-bin chmod +x /usr/lib/w3m/cgi-bin/google.cgi Create protocol g: echo 'g: file:/usr/lib/w3m/cgi-bin/google.cgi?%s'' >> ~/.w3m/urimethodmap Edit google.cgi, find this line: $url .= "search?q=$_&hl=ja&lr=lang_ja&ie=EUC-JP"; Adjust for ...

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