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I was using curl 7.60, built from source. After upgrading to the newest version it started working again. Using fedora 32, because dnf depends on curl, I had to use rpm to remove and upgrade the packages.


For myself.. and this particular project at least (RPi/Chromium) The following actions seemed to fix my issues for a LOCAL self-signed certificate. (now showing up as GREEN/Secure, on port:443 at least) :) Specifically: ...


You need to tell nix about the certs, like so: security.pki.certificates = [''cert strings go here in PEM format'']; i.e.: security.pki.certificates = [ '' -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- <CUT> -----END CERTIFICATE----- '' ]; You can add many of them if you so choose. This will add the included certs to the system cert store, and ...

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