You're not doing things right. A formula is forbidden to install binaries, or what ever, into /usr/local/bin directly. As a formula, it should installed all of its content into a path like /usr/local/Celler/<formula-name>/<version>, which is called a prefix path and represented by #{prefix} in ruby. Homebrew will symlink the binary from ...


Manage to find it in ~/.cache/Homebrew/Logs $ ls .cache/Homebrew/Logs/ app-engine-python curl gettext ncurses python bazel expat git openssl python@2 binutils gcc glibc percona-server youtube-dl bison gdbm mariadb pkg-config


Add the following lines to the ~/.byobu/keybindings.tmux file: unbind-key -n F1 unbind-key -n F9 bind-key F1 new-window -n config byobu-config bind-key F9 new-window -n config byobu-config This removes a -k argument of the new-window command which kills the existing window and replaces it. I don't know if this issue affects other operating systems; I ...

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