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Sorry, but I cannot comment because I have too few points. I've experienced this issue myself in the past with files and (don't ask me why) just editing the files with a plain GUI text editor worked for me when I saved the file. Also the CLI text editor micro tells you Permission denied and prompts you if you want to save the file using sudo if you don't ...


I added the following kernal parameter and updated the grub. GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="acpi_backlight=video" The other options were not working for me which is what I had set in the grub after reading the arch. Replacing those with this fixed the issue. Thank you felix for you help! :)


You can do it in 2021 but you have to install the rtl8192eu driver But I prefer the WLAN Stick: TL-WN725N or TL-WN722N. These two have the same chip set and are working just fine. But you have to download the driver (there are many YT-Videos ) to enter Monitor Mode.

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