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Raid 0+1 Failure Cases VS. Raid 1+0

This comes down to implementation details of the RAID layer(s). For example, if you use a hardware RAID to do the striping, and then software RAID on top to mirror the stripe groups, then the software ...
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How can I (safely) refresh data on an HDD?

The "non-destructive write test" of badblocks -n would seem to be exactly what you're looking for. It is filesystem-agnostic and works by reading a set of blocks into memory, writing test ...
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How to clone boot partition in another drive and make it bootable?

You need to tell the UEFI firmware of your computer that there is a bootloader on that partition! efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sdb (not sdb1!) would do that. However, questionable whether you really want ...
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SSD is recognized as HDD in Windows VM in kvm

The optional attribute rotation_rate sets the rotation rate of the storage for disks on a SCSI, IDE, or SATA bus A value of one is used to indicate solid state libvirt formatdomain documentation It ...
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What is rigid disk block (RDB) and how can I repair it?

Since the issue manifests with different PCs, this sounds like a hardware problem which cannot be overcome by software tools alone. Keep in mind that there are multiple components involved: USB-...
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Hardware Theory: Read only Scrub of HDD/SSD drive using dd

Usually you'd set up smartmontools to run scheduled long or select,cont self-tests. That way the drive will regularly read all of its data anyway and you should get a notification if there is any ...
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