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tar: ./.tar.gz: file changed as we read it | "Flagged" files are unrelated to the file tar is supposed to operate on

If $file is empty then you'll end up running tar cvf - ./ | gzip -9 > .tar.gz which will cause the error message you're seeing; you're tar'ing up the current directory, which will include files you'...
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extending recursive find to .tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, and tar.xz on Debian 12

Take a look at zfind: zfind 'name ilike "baz"' (supports all formats but xz, but that can probably be added)
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Decompress gzip file in place

With the ipf utility, you should be able to process a regular file in-place with any command that can be expressed as a filter / pipeline. (Disclaimer: I wrote ipf.) Please read the risks section at ...
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