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70 votes

How does a linux GUI work at the lowest level?

How it works (Gnu/Linux + X11) Overview It looks something like this (not draws to scale) ┌───────────────────────────────────────────────┐ │ User │ │ ┌────...
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61 votes

What is D-Bus practically useful for?

dbus does exactly what you said: it allows two-way communication between applications. For your specific example you mentioned terminator. From terminator's man page, we see: --new-tab If this ...
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41 votes

What is D-Bus practically useful for?

There's already a great in-depth answer of D-Bus by @Stewart but I want to amend it with a high-level idea about the design of D-Bus. The "traditional" way of Inter Process Communication (...
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How to resolve 'No protocol specified' for su user

In my case the new display server protocol wayland was the problem, just do xhost + local: then other users (e.g. root) are allowed to run programs in your session, network connections however will ...
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34 votes

How does a linux GUI work at the lowest level?

ctrl-alt-delor's answer gives you a good overview of the general architecture. For a more hands-on approach, I give you an answer regarding "nothing but the linux kernel and programming in C". I like ...
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Is there a way to persistently disable the menu bar in Konsole on Gnome 3?

There are actually two different settings. The one you described in your question, Ctrl+Shift+M or Settings > Show Menubar is for the current window only. You can disable the menubar for newly ...
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25 votes

Is there a Linux graphics program that displays man commands in a browser?

Yelp is the help viewer in GNOME. yelp man:cgraph
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21 votes

How to disable and enable GUI of debian 10

To disable the GUI: sudo systemctl set-default sudo reboot To re-enable the GUI: sudo systemctl set-default sudo reboot
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20 votes

Ubuntu 16.04 - GUI freezes on login start page

We were able to solve it by starting the shell in secure mode and executing the following commands. apt-get update apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-all apt-get install ubuntu-desktop apt-...
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Ranger - open_with without suspending

Try open_with with the f or t flag: open_with [application] [flags] [mode] Open the selected files with the given application, unless it is omitted, in which case the default application is ...
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How to increase Firefox scrollbar width?

In about:config, set widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size.override to the desired numeric value. This will only have an effect if widget.non-native-theme.enabled is true (the default as of this ...
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How can I remove all packages related to gui in Debian?

On Debian, to remove all GUI packages, you can remove the two libraries used to connect to display servers: apt purge libx11-6 libwayland-client0 This will remove all packages depending on these ...
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14 votes

GUI for GIT similar to SourceTree

I tried all git clients for Linux, and they all suck someway or the other. But because my IDE is Visual Studio Code, I ended up using VSCode. I installed the following extensions: Git Lens Git Graph ...
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14 votes

Choose which browser to open link in

A simple solution with zenity create /usr/bin/select-browser #!/bin/sh BROWSER=$(zenity --list --radiolist --text '' --column='check' --column=browser --title='select your browser' TRUE "chromium" ...
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14 votes

What is D-Bus practically useful for?

In traditional Unix, there is usually little communication between running programs. Every program runs in a fully separate address space and only interacts with the kernel. This model is simple and ...
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13 votes

How to resolve 'No protocol specified' for su user

Suppose you want to brute force get yourself a connection with X... Lets assume you are already running your commands on the server (where X runs), otherwise get that to work first and then use 'ssh -...
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13 votes

Where is Motif used today?

It tends to be used in old software (i.e. software which has been around for a long time, not necessarily obsolete software); for example: Alliance the Common Desktop Environment DDD (OK, that one's ...
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13 votes

how to un-hide the Menubar in Okular

Ctrl+M is the default keyboard shortcut to hide/unhide the Menubar
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How to display technical codec info for a FLAC file?

Easiest is to use the Unix command line utility file. For example: file "example.flac" example.flac: FLAC audio bitstream data, 16 bit, stereo, 44.1 kHz, 2474304 samples
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Gnome shell VS Unity

GNOME Shell and Unity are both shells on top of the GNOME desktop environment. Neither is based on the other; you either use GNOME Shell, or Unity, and underneath that you’ll have GNOME.
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11 votes

Is there any (good) SQLite GUI for Linux?

A friend and I made Beekeeper Studio because we wanted a modern, easy to use SQL gui client. I'm a full time Linux desktop user, so we care about Linux. It's 100% open source! Hope someone finds it as ...
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11 votes

bash script - request input via gui

Zenity is a good tool for that. user_input=$(zenity --entry) That assigns to variable user_input whatever the user types in the GUI window, unless the user presses cancel, in which case the exit code ...
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Why does my Ubuntu Server boot a GUI?

You installed filezilla which is a graphical FTP client. That would have brought in the other GUI packages. The other option is that you yourself installed ubuntu-standard, which is what seems to have ...
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10 votes

Why does my Ubuntu Server boot a GUI?

All those gui application can also be displayed remotely, so having them installed should not be regarded as being wrong if you do not wish a running local gui. If a local gui is running, then you ...
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How to display technical codec info for a FLAC file?

You can use the ffprobe CLI tool that's included with ffmpeg: $ ffprobe -hide_banner 10\ Ivory\ Tower.flac Input #0, flac, from '10 Ivory Tower.flac': Metadata: ARTIST : Van Morrison ...
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How do I change the number of available workspaces in Cinnamon?

You can also use the context menu on the Workspace switcher applet:
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a program made in c runs on double click in windows but not in linux

The core of the issue is that you're trying to run the program, which is console application, but you don't have terminal attached to it. In terminal you can run your program by just calling the ...
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8 votes

Is it possible to retrieve the active window process/title in Gnome?

I know the question is old, but I feel xprop also should be mentioned here. It's readily available under X. It can be either used in an interactive way: type xprop and select the window you want ...
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