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Grub install with encrypted Boot partition

grub-install is expecting to find /boot, but cannot, because according to your lsblk, it's at /mnt/boot... so you aren't chrooted into the new installation at this time. But I agree with Sheldon: ...
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grub not working with lvm

as @psusi pointed out, the issue was that my lvm binaries were corrupt. I ran apt-cache depends lvm2 | grep Depends | awk '{print $2}' | xargs apt install --reinstall -y apt install --reinstall -y ...
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Can't load self-signed kernel with Secure Boot on: "bad shim signature"

MOK.pem is generated on Ubuntu/Debian systems with extended usage attributes set to support kernel module signing only. That certificate is not usable to sign UEFI bootloaders or kernels as needed to ...
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