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fuser -v /dev/nvidia* and lsof not responding

I've found an easy and fast workaround for finding the processes that are using a GPU. Instead of querying fuser or lsof, I simply access the process information in the /proc directory and try to ...
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Monitor Refresh Rate Issue: 60Hz Before Login, 75Hz After Login on Multiple Linux-OS and DEs

The green tint might be the display mis-detecting the use of a HDR color mode (false positive). With luck, fixing the refresh rate issue might fix the green tint too. Regarding the splash screen ...
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Xorg FBDEV refuses to use the specified framebuffer

Xorg's FBDEV driver requires a BusID option to be passed in Config, not only a path to the framebuffer's char-device. I don't know why is that, but here is how to configure it: First is to figure out ...
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