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Here is a suggestion for installing OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (as of April 2019) on a recent PC (Asus G20) with both Intel & nVidia (GTX970) graphics controllers: in the BIOS settings, BOOT parameters, you can continue to use UEFI mode, but change the OS from "Windows" to "Other OS" if your installation of OpenSUSE crashes, hangs, or fails with an unexpected ...


We ran into the same problem as you did and could only find this thread on the subject. I guess this message won't add to your particular solution as you already solved it, but it might help other people running into similar problems. So, we bought a Netstor PCIe extension, which we wanted to use to upgrade our HP system (with one Quadro P4000) by adding ...


Graphic applications like ffmpeg, gstreamer, chromium, etc... gain hardware acceleration relying on the GPU through a library. Like for other hardwares, these library do not restrict their usage to only one process at a time. It's just like for the cpu (even though the libraries are very different, the principle remains the same): the resources are shared ...

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