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What I was missing was --group=root in addition to --owner=root. tar -c --{owner,group}=root (possibly with an optional --numeric-owner) fully anonymizes the archive.


You can use --numeric-owner, that will just put your UID (1000 or something similar on most systems) in the file. From man tar: --numeric-owner always use numbers for user/group names


You're archiving paths of the form top-tree/stuff and excluding paths of the form /home/skrowten/top-tree/stuff. Your exclusion patterns never match anything. The simple solution is tar -czvf archive.tar.gz --exclude=top-tree/branch1/branch11/branch114 --exclude=top-tree/.git --exclude=top-tree/branch1/branch11/.idea top-tree Note that if there is e.g. a ...

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