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How can I find out what the most lightweight terminal emulator is?

As per the downvotes and the comments, you are asking the wrong question/trying to solve the wrong problem. You should start by learning a little about memory is managed on Linux, notably how copy-on-...
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How can I find out what the most lightweight terminal emulator is?

If you want to save on resources, changing one terminal emulator for another won't really change much. If you really want to go frugal, skip the graphical interface altogether. To experiment, you ...
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Can't open gnome-terminal on fedora 40

I'm sorry for any other users coming across this issue but after days of trying different things; some mentioned here and in other places, I caved. I just deleted the whole drive and re-installed ...
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Grep return No such File, after comand substituion

Nothing weird there, just the command substitution working. When you tested the command $(grep -R -I --exclude-dir=addons "^[^#]*print(" ) the shell first performed the command substitution ...
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Fedora 33 - gnome-terminal doesn't show up in wmctrl

'Run or raise' GNOME extension Since your goal is to have hotkeys raise (or launch) a window and you're using GNOME, rather than use wmctrl (which I used for the same purpose before switching to ...
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Can't open gnome-terminal on fedora 40

OK, that looks like a bug. Not sure what causes it – but the first order of the day would be running an update; assuming you can still "check for available updates" via GUI, that should work....
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