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You're running make directly, not via an AUR helper/makepkg, right? Then it should be as simple as running: $ make CC=clang [loads of output here] $ sudo make install CC=clang instead of $ make [loads of output here] $ sudo make install While I doubt the make install step strictly needs CC set, it shouldn't hurt anything to include it. This old answer ...


dotfiles status lists LICENSE and README as removed because they aren’t present in your home directory. There are a number of ways to avoid that, the simplest being to copy them there.


This is possible with a small modification to your command line: curl -s -H "Accept:application/vnd.github.v3.raw" | jq .[].download_url -r | xargs -L1 sh -c 'curl "$0" 2>/dev/null | bat' Having said that, if there are a large number of files, you ...

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