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Performing character-level comparison of "strings" without explicitly creating temporary files for git diff

This won't be possible with pipe-based redirection as in your bash's <(). But: with zsh-isms, it should work. There is the temporary file expansion =(): #!/usr/bin/zsh # use zsh instead of bash # ...
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git pull/push from/to github in VPN does not work

I fixed this by forcing SSH to use IPv4 instead of IPv6. Add this to your .ssh/config file AddressFamily inet Taking from
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How to add an exact-match flag to the following git + sed function?

You have a syntax error in function declaration. Instead of w { ... } you need: w() { ... } Always pass your scripts to before asking help: $ shellcheck file In file line 1: ...
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Git can't run editor but it definitely exists

It turned out that the git install was actually an Apptainer app, so the /usr/bin/nano it is looking for is actually not present in the Apptainer container. Ugh.
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