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Additional notes Even if rsync is set to XferCommand in pacman.conf, it may not be possible to update the packages. This is when the rsync server does not allow access to files with the *.db extension. In some cases, the rsync command can retrieve the core.db.tar.gz file, but not the core.db file. In this case, you should choose https or http. Also, the ...


You can try using bash with inject to marker (assuming you're using rsa keys) #!/bin/bash sftp {user}@{host} <<EOF cd {remote_dir} mget * EOF


The error means your system already have a vsftpd runing.It seems like that vsftpd start from inetd.You should find out the pid of vsftpd with this command: netstat -tulpn | grep vsftpd And then kill the process: kill <pid> And restart vsftpd: /usr/local/sbin/vsftpd & That may work.I solved the problem in my case.

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