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3 votes

Automate deploying a bunch of thin jails

The automation tool would be simple shell scripts or if you are already using Bastille you would create an equally simple template. You can either do your actions from "outside" the jail by ...
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2 votes

What Causes PHP Forks to Consolidate on a Single CPU Core in FreeBSD 13.3?

The problem, and solution, have now been found. It is a bug in the LLVM code. From GitHub issues: It's a bug in the atfork() handler on Unix systems + logic in reinitializing the child process. The ...
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1 vote

LC_TIME portability (and other locale settings)

The short answer: Yes. POSIX and Unicode CLDR. The longer version: If we look at the FreeBSD Developer Handbook Chapter 4. Localization and Internationalization - L10N and I18N it tells us FreeBSD ...
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1 vote

Where to install custom software packages on FreeBSD?

You install user programs in /usr/local/. There is no /opt in the standard install or mentioned in the hier man page. From the man page: /usr/ contains the majority of user utilities and ...
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