The SSH protocol creates a secure tunnel through which you can transfer a bidirectional stream, and you can use that stream to connect any two processes you like. The most familiar two processes would be a shell (at the server) and an interactive terminal emulator (at the client). That's what you're using when you ssh to a server and type commands at the ...


Fish means FIles transferred over SHell protocol. It was designed for the midnight commander file manager and is not specifically bound to ssh. It can also run on rsh. From the README.fish in the midnight commander package. This protocol was designed for transferring files over a remote shell connection (rsh and compatibles). It can be as well used for ...


lftp supports FISH and is open source. Check the source of the FISH module, there are details of the protocol there: https://github.com/lavv17/lftp/blob/master/src/Fish.cc

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