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How to set window size and location of an application on screen via command line?

Here is a community version of the answer by Yokai that incorporates examples offered by Rudolf Olah. You can use the tool called xdotool to control window size and location. Not only that, any ...
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How to decompress jsonlz4 files (Firefox bookmark backups) using the command line?

I was able to unpack the jsonlz4 by using lz4json: apt-get install liblz4-dev git clone cd lz4json make ./lz4jsoncat ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/bookmarkbackups/*....
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How to decompress jsonlz4 files (Firefox bookmark backups) using the command line?

Save this script in a file, e.g., mozlz4: #!/usr/bin/env python from sys import stdin, stdout, argv, stderr import os try: import lz4.block as lz4 except ImportError: import lz4 stdin = os....
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How can I get Japanese characters to show properly in Firefox on Arch?

It should be enough to install the great noto fonts bundles: sudo pacman -S noto-fonts-cjk noto-fonts-emoji noto-fonts The restart firefox and you should be abe to see them. Personally, I also ...
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Why does this curl command from firefox not download anything?

When debugging curl issues, the -v option is often helpful. In this particular instance, you’re running afoul of the If-None-Match header, which tells the server that you already have the file ...
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Debugging high (near total) CPU/memory usage of "Web Content" application on Linux Mint

this is a common problem causing nothing but the battery wasted energy decreasing unplugged operation time significantly. the cause of the problem appears to be very simple: you may have too many ...
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Running Firefox in an Ubuntu VM over SSH opens host machine's Firefox

When Firefox starts, it looks for a Firefox window running on the same display, and if it finds one, it focuses this window (and if you pass a URL on the command line, it opens a new tab to load the ...
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Firefox tabs in the title bar

You don't need to mess with about:config for that. Open up the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) to the right of the URL bar and click on Customize. There's a checkbox at the bottom left labeled ...
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How to increase Firefox scrollbar width?

In about:config, set widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size.override to the desired numeric value. This will only have an effect if widget.non-native-theme.enabled is true (the default as of this ...
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apt package manager on Debian lists a package as upgradable but does not upgrade

You have firefox-esr pinned to the currently-installed version with a very high priority: *** 52.9.0esr-1~deb9u1 30000 That prevents any other version with a lower pin priority from being installed,...
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How to switch to system wide dark theme in i3 or sway?

Firefox uses the GTK theme settings. On sway I could set the setting gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme to 1 to get Firefox and GTK apps to use a dark theme by default. You'll need to edit (or create ...
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16 votes

Why is Firefox so slow over SSH?

I know this post is super old, but this has helped me overcome Firefox over SSH slowness by setting the following in about:config gfx.xrender.enabled = true Note: Starting in Firefox 47, the default ...
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How to setup Firefox and KeePassXC in a flatpak and get the KeePassXC-Browser add-on to work?

Background If you just want the solution, you can skip this part. But for the curious, I'll explain the problems we face: KeePassXC creates an UNIX socket in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/kpxc_server for ...
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Running Firefox in an Ubuntu VM over SSH opens host machine's Firefox

You want firefox --no-remote (or firefox --new-instance). Otherwise, it will "reuse" your existing firefox process.
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How can I run Firefox on Linux headlessly (i.e. without requiring

I know this is a rather old question, but I wanted to add a more recent answer as I got directed here by Google and had to search for a while to find the answer. As of Firefox 57, you can run in ...
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How to tell Firefox to use another ALSA device?

Apparently there is no option for firefox, but you can manipulate the ALSA output through environment variables. Try for example: ALSA_PCM_CARD=bluetooth firefox Alternatively, if this does not ...
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Firefox - reading out urls of opened tabs from the command-line

this works for Firefox 57+. You'll need lz4 (via pip). The file header is gathered from the length of b'mozLz40\0'. Use an environment variable for the filepath if you want to use it in a oneliner, ...
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How to permanently add self-signed certificate in Firefox?

Easy URL to test: There are two ways: toggle Firefox to set server certificates added as Lifetime Permanent by default in about:config toggle security.certerrors....
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On Linux Firefox is listening on several UDP ports on

UDP is not connection-based, so both ends have to be listening for two-way communication. Thus if Firefox wants to receive any responses from UDP services it is talking to, it needs to have open ports ...
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How to decompress jsonlz4 files (Firefox bookmark backups) using the command line?

There are now simpler solutions for both Linux and Windows, with command-line programs to decompress these annoying .jsonlz4 or .mozlz4 files. For Debian/Ubuntu, there is now the lz4json package: sudo ...
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How to prevent Firefox from updating to version 57 on Ubuntu 16.04?

Simply do: sudo apt-mark hold firefox This will add firefox package to the list of packages who should not recieve updates. To reverse it: sudo apt-mark unhold firefox You can list the packages ...
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Set new default file manager for firefox in Archlinux

Currently (2018-09-25) there exists no user-configurable way to change this behaviour in Firefox. This is a known bug: Firefox does not use default file manager It was first reported on Bugzilla on ...
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9 votes

Where does firefox get the “default” applications for opening files from?

In Firefox 38.8.0 ESR, under Debian Lenny with GNOME 2, I discovered that the application associated via XDG (described in the answer by the OP) is used only when opening a downloaded file from ...
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Debian Jessie unable to install GNOME extension, the native host connector is not detected

Yes, you should install the GNOME Shell integration for Chrome. The Debian 9 package’s dependencies are satisfiable in Debian 8, so wget
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Install Firefox Quantum in debian 9 Stretch

Add deb sid main contrib non-free to /etc/apt/sources.list and install it with this command: apt install -t sid firefox This will install only Firefox from unstable. ...
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Monitoring CPU% of Tabs in Firefox

You can type about:performance in the address bar of firefox. Then you will get a table where there will be pid of each tab of firefox with Resident Set size and Unique Set Size. And below this there ...
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How to fix choppy YouTube video playback? Enable WebRender [Debian Bullseye]

I'm writing this as I've just gone through hours of trial and error to find the answer; the problem presented itself after re-installing Debian 11, for whatever reason. Problem: YouTube video playback ...
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8 votes

What is the difference between Iceweasel and Firefox?

Update 2016, and onward. What is the difference between Iceweasel and Firefox? The short of it In 2016, Iceweasel went away, and now for all of Debian's purposes the product is called Firefox, and ...
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is there a way to get the url from current tab in google-chrome?

I had the same issue and got through there while trying to resolve it, so I'll post my solution (which is pretty bad) here. I use wmctrl (you could use xprop instead) and xdotool to do this. ...
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How to get the package containing a file?

Yes, pacman has a separate file database for that purpose. run: pacman -Fyy to update the file database and use: pacman -F to search for the package your are looking for From the ...
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