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What is rigid disk block (RDB) and how can I repair it?

After the [sdc] Assuming drive cache: write through message, the kernel is trying to detect the partitioning scheme used on the disk, and read the partition table. But the USB layer is reporting the ...
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What is rigid disk block (RDB) and how can I repair it?

Since the issue manifests with different PCs, this sounds like a hardware problem which cannot be overcome by software tools alone. Keep in mind that there are multiple components involved: USB-...
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How to Remove a Large File from ZFS Snapshots and Reclaim Space?

Or just use zfs diff described here: Identifying ZFS Snapshot Differences (zfs diff) to list the difference between that 60day snapshot and the actual one. After identifying the location of that BIG....
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How do you look into sdb1 and sdc1 to make sure data is mirrored in RAID1 using mdadm?

You can run mdadm --action=check /dev/mdX, and follow its progress in e.g. watch head /sys/block/mdX/md/mismatch_cnt /proc/mdstat. This should show mismatch_cnt as 0 throughout the entire test. If ...
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Ext4 filesystem in LUKS container - container size calculation

How to calculate That depends on how the ext4 filesystem is set up, the shortest way to predict that is to make ext4 filesystems in image files until you find the size where your file fits. And it ...
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Effects of copy (cp) vs cut (mv) on file systems

mv is fast an clean, but only works that cleanly when inside a single filesystem. Otherwise it's like cp'. Only cpaffects frags and the like notably, although many uses ofmv` do affect the directory ...
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Why is head -c (and similar commands) much slower for large files than small files?

This is likely the consequence of the organization of files on the storage device. There have been many kinds of filesystems historically (on Unix-like systems alone, not to mention others). Some ...
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Failed NVMe M.2 SSD, broken filesystem, unwriteable; can I wipe it anyway?

The only thing that might work is the "secure erase" command, but normally SSDs that have gone readonly as a result of media defects can not be written to because the internal firmware ...
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How to extract files from EXT2 filesystem

This looks pretty broken. It's extremely unlikely that someone labeled their file system with a single non-ASCII character. And it's impossible that they set the revision to a negative gigantic number....
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wipefs + disk not cleaned

This little trick forces to clear the partition table: Do a dd of zeros to the device and break after couple of seconds. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda
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Writing to an External USB Flash Drive When Power Could Be Lost

definitely not FAT32. That is a filesystem with zero support for knowing where the power went off. So, you never know whether your file was half written, and if so, for how long, or whether you ...
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Why does df shows same as "du --apparent-size"?

The man page for du right in the short description says it estimates file space usage. There are many filesystem features that can make its output inaccurate. For sparse files, block size would ...
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What is a value range for filesystem efficiency for btrfs with copying a file between directories?

While further researching public search engines, a simple tool on GitHub was found, providing an approximate overview for a directory's data IO. Maybe that's a starter for others looking for a Linux ...
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Mounting BTRFS in RHEL 8

I have the same issue on RHEL 9. Now what I'll tell you to do is not smart, but it works. To get a kernel with btrfs, I installed kernel-ml from elrepo and rebooted. This alone is enough for me to ...
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What is the difference between a Btrfs filesystem and a Btrfs partition?

No, there is no good reason to shrink a file system, and not shrink the partition. It will just leave wasted unusable space at the end of the partition. No, you can't have two filesystems in one ...
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