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Need help with ls and escape characters

As pointed out in the comments, quote your parameters expansions and do not loop through ls output. Unquoted file names could split if they contain any of the characters in the IFS shell variable. The ...
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Synchronizing with rsync outputs error "Invalid argument (22)" for directories with dots and other symbols in their name

Late answer, but this will help, I had a similar issue to the one here(rsync: [sender] readlink_stat was returning failed: Invalid argument (22)). The folder also wasn't showing in Dolphin. I ...
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Sorting ls output by date in filename, in reverse order

With the standard -t option, ls will sort files (given as arguments or found in the contents of directories passed argument) by modification time from newest to oldest. With the -R option, ls enters a ...
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Sorting ls output by date in filename, in reverse order

This will list all files recursively with ls output and reverse sorted by modified time (mtime): find -print0 -type f directory_path | xargs -0 ls -ltr Peform the search more quickly with fd fd -0 -t ...
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Is space not allowed in a filename?

Reading the answers in this question, with a note that this question is ask on a forum about Unix & Linux, it seems to me that the advice against filename with spaces doesn't really come from the ...
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How to find out which (not installed) Debian package a file belongs to?

apt-file can produce many results. With its perl regex, it is almost able to perform the task... if only the file was verified to be installed somewhere in $PATH... apt-file find --regexp "/$...
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How to open a file starting with dash via xdg-open

Note that xdg-open is a shell script, so you can fix it yourself. Put a fixed version of it in a file of the same name in a personal directory in your PATH. A fix might be to simply not test for -* ...
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How to open a file starting with dash via xdg-open

You can open the file by adding ./: xdg-open ./-headlinesAfter.epub
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