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Host name resolution fails on Fedora 39 system

The fix was simple, but surprising: systemctl enable systemd-timesyncd In its default state, Fedora does not install the real BIND nameserver, but runs a stub nameserver on IP address (...
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Slow Wifi on Fedora 39 on Intel Tiger Lake PCH CNVi WiFi adapter

If your SSID is broadcasted in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges, when you're experiencing slow speeds, check the output of $ iw dev wlo1 link. Check that that freq is in the 5GHz spectrum, and also ...
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How do I use Cuda toolkit nvcc 11.7.1 on Fedora 36?

I build a "compat-gcc-12-3" RPM to allow gcc 12.3 to install on Fedora Core 38. You can grab the necessary spec files here. Here's what you do: Download the gcc 12.3 source RPM with dnf ...
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Stylepak on Fedora 39 GNOME Asahi Remix displaying error

you need to be inside the directory if not already there, also you need to git clone it, if not already cloned git clone cd Colloid-gtk-theme ./...
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KDE environment distro show black screen in my system

can you login to sddm/ the display manager, if so pick the x11 version instead of the wayland version or if using x11 switch to wayland
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How to enable fingerprint login?

first you need to check if your fingerprint reader is on here, to check it run lsusb, don't worry if it's not. The list of supported devices is not updated regularly and is not complete. It is worth ...
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Why is there an empty file named google in my /opt folder and is it safe to delete?

It's not a file, it's a directory and yes, if rmdir takes care of it, it's generally safe. It's a leftover of some Google application that you had installed, probably Google Chrome.
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Extremely slow dnf

I know this question was from a long time ago, but I believe the cause of this (it was for me) may be the use of SMR (Single Magnetic Resonance) drives, which have ridiculously slow write speeds. Here ...
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What happens to debuginfo when a package is upgraded? Is the debuginfo removed?

If you want debuginfo packages to update automatically, edit /etc/dnf/plugins/debuginfo-install.conf and change “autoupdate=0” to “autoupdate=1”. The debuginfo packages are in a disabled repo that is ...
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DaVinci Resolve Symbol Lookup Error on Fedora 39 within VanillaOS Orchid's Apx Container

I ran into the same error on Fedora 39. This GitHub guide fixed it for me. DaVinci Resolve 39 ships with some outdated libraries that seem to conflict with installed system libraries, and copying the ...
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