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Why is my ethernet interface called enp0s10 instead of eth0?

Answer on "What does enp0s10 means?" question: enp0s10: | | | v | | en| | --> ethernet v | p0| --> bus number (0) v s10 --> slot number (10) Source: udev-builtin-...
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Why is my ethernet interface called enp0s10 instead of eth0?

As mentioned above, enp0s10 refers to ethernet (en), prefix 0 (p0), slot 10 (s10). The bus number, device number, and function number are pulled from the Bus Device Function (BDF) notation for PCI ...
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Naming convention standard for Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces on Linux machines

Network interfaces can be named anything, so no matter what you do, you'll run into situations where (1) there is a "physical" network interface with a name that didn't match your pattern, or (2) ...
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ip link and ip addr output meaning

Those are interface's flags. They are documented in the netdevice(7) man-page. Below is the relevant part (reordered alphabetically): IFF_ALLMULTI Receive all multicast packets. IFF_AUTOMEDIA ...
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Naming convention standard for Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces on Linux machines

For systemd's predictable interface names, the prefixes can be seen in udev-builtin-net_id.c. They are two-character prefixes based on the type of interface: en → Ethernet ib → InfiniBand sl → Serial ...
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How to get maximum supported MTU size for interface?

Amazingly, I found that ip reports this information if asked. ip -d link list 21: enxa44cc8aa52bd: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc fq_codel state DOWN mode DEFAULT group ...
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Can I use two ethernet card to increase transfer speed between two linux OS in lan?

Yes, it is possible. You, most likely, would need to install "link bonding driver". A driver which would balance and synchronize packets sent over two (or more) links. It is not a part of ...
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Bridged interfaces and VLAN tags

Yes: you can set the bridge to be VLAN aware. The bridge will then handle VLAN IDs attached to frames crossing it, including tagging and untagging them according to configuration, and will send a ...
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meaning of "brd" in output of IP commands

brd is short for broadcast. is the broadcast address for whatever interface that line belongs to.
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Linux disables ethernet auto-negotiation on plugging-in the cable?

After hours of searching I found the solution in the most obvious place: NetworkManager seems to somehow have disabled autonegotiation right in the settings for my ethernet port: The weird part is ...
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How do I configure a network interface bridge from WiFi to Ethernet with Debian?

For configuring a bridge from ethernet to wifi, it is as simple as doing in your /etc/network/interfaces: auto eth0 allow-hotplug eth0 iface eth0 inet manual auto wlan0 allow-hotplug wlan0 iface ...
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The difference between ip link down and physical link absence

There are difference between an interface which is administratively up but disconnected or administratively down. Disconnected The interface gets a carrier down status. Its proper handling might ...
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How to permanently disable EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) on Ethernet card?

No such kernel parameter exists. However, there are other ways to achieve your goal than an @reboot cron job. If you're using NetworkManager, you could create a pre-up dispatcher script (e.g. /etc/...
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Can I use two ethernet card to increase transfer speed between two linux OS in lan?

As I need to increase this speed, would it be possible to install two 2.5GB ethernet card in the two PCIe slots of both mb (total of 4 new ethernet card), connect them directly with 2 cables (not ...
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How to connect to device via SSH over direct ethernet connection

The link given by @steve as a comment is appropriate, but if you want to try something simple first just to see what the device does you can use dnsmasq, which is a simple dns and dhcp server. Install ...
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Internet not working without gpu installed?

Your networking devices are renamed to correspond with their location on the PCI bus. When you removed your GPU, your ethernet device changed from enp2s0 to enp1s0. In order to reconnect, you have a ...
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How can I create a virtual ethernet interface on a machine without a physical adapter?

Adding virtual (dummy) interface devices on Linux ...and an introduction to the ip address command and adding or deleting IP addresses and netmasks. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and 22.04. Quick summary ...
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Remove SOME advertised link modes with ethtool

The thing with autonegotiation is that if you turn it off from one end, the other side can detect the speed but not the duplex mode, which defaults to half. Then you get a duplex mismatch, which is ...
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Naming convention standard for Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces on Linux machines

The naming convention is that LAN interfaces are named eth0, eth1, ... and that WLAN interfaces are named wlan0, wlan1, ... What you see are the so called "predictable names" that systemd introduced. ...
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Udev - Network cable hotplug event not catched

This udev rule and script catches network interface changes: /etc/udev/rules.d/90-netifchanges.rules: # Call custom script when ethernet device(s) are changed/added/removed/etc in system SUBSYSTEM==&...
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Why is my ethernet interface called enp0s10 instead of eth0?

You can use net.ifnames=0 in kernel command line arguments and your interface name will be called eth0 again.
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changing the names of network interfaces, debian wheezy

For people coming across this post via a search engine, like me: In Debian stretch and newer, you can use systemd .link files to have udev rename the devices. See https://manpages.debian.org/stretch/...
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Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V not working under Linux on an ASUSPRO B laptop, e1000e driver reports: "The NVM Checksum Is Not Valid"

The e1000e driver is the one that can run the I2xx intel Ethernet Controllers. And the latest e1000e driver (as of this writing) is capable of running the I219 chip. The The NVM Checksum Is Not ...
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"Tigon" ethernet firmware: error message though working

This isn't an error, just a warning. The tg3 module drives many Broadcom chipsets, and needs these firmware files only for BCM5705 TSO, BCM5703/BCM5704 TSO and BCM5701A0. If you include a currently ...
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Device "eth0" does not exist

In CentOS, network interfaces are named differently. So they aren't called eth0 or eth1, but rather have names like eno1 or enp2s0. (Source.) Run ip addr to see how these interfaces are named on your ...
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Disable Wifi on Connection to Ethernet with NetworkManager

I found a script by Ilija Matoski to accomplish exactly this, which would belong in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/70-wifi-wired-exclusive.sh. #!/bin/sh name_tag="wifi-wired-exclusive" syslog_tag="...
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Adding a physical ethernet interface to kvm qemu bridge

A "physical interface" refers to an actual network device on your computer -- that is, something into which you can plug an ethernet cable, or a wireless network device. A "virtual ...
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How can I create an alias for a network device?

This is probably done using the macvlan feature. It allows to add virtual Ethernet interfaces on top of an existing hardware interface. In your case, it could have been done like this: ip link add ...
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