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Editing/viewing a password protected file?

Aside from the native encryption support in Vim mentioned in comments and other answers, the gnupg plugin for Vim may be of some interest. It provides fully transparent editing of GPG encrypted files (...
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Editing/viewing a password protected file?

If by utility you mean an editor then vim can do a reasonable job. It uses blowfish2 encryption. To enable your vim for this option place this command in your .vimrc set cm=blowfish2 To encrypt an ...
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How to pass a salt to mkpasswd with yescrypt algorithm

If you pass the salt (eg with -S or as the second param) and include the $ settings then you don't need to specify the method % mkpasswd -S '$y$j9T$eia4V8bEUD9QBJAEwilXU.' secret $y$j9T$...
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