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How can I check if a device is supported by Linux?

Every device has VEN (Vendor ID) and DEV (Device ID) which you can get via lspci -nn or lsusb depending on a bus, and then you can: Check e.g.
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How to keep device firmware updated when I installed it manually?

You may never install firmware related packages or updated firmware files and use you computer as long as you want. It's solely up to you. From a security standpoint it makes sense to install updated ...
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driver installed but not available

Although the package is named rtl8821cu, the module name is simply 8821cu.
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Turn off LED of webcam from Linux?

Is motion installed? dpkg -l "motion" If the response is empty, it is not installed the the rest of my answer is not interesting for you. If it is installed, is it running? ### use this ...
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SD card detected but no /dev entry created

As @Bib indicated, and as the docs explain: Dear Arch users, do always reboot after a kernel upgrade. The docs say "packages will not be upgraded" but it's a lot more sinister than that. ...
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hub 6-0:1.0: config failed, hub doesn't have any ports!

The message: hub 6-0:1.0: config failed, hub doesn't have any ports! (error-19) appeared when at boot time I had a USB stick which was 2.0 plugged into a 3.0 port. When I unplugged from the 3.0 port ...
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wifi driver for Macbook Pro 2013 on debian 12

I was having this same issue, solved by doing sudo apt install b43-fwcutter. Found it via the Debian documentation here: You might need to reboot your system ...
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How to enable/start monitors on Debian 12

In the comments, you said the lspci -d ::0300 output was: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 630 (rev 04) 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP106M [...
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How to enable/start monitors on Debian 12

If the xrandr command does not yield the external monitor you are intending to use, my experience teaches me that there is something wrong with the external monitor jack/port connectivity. I usually ...
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What is the modern way of creating devices files in /dev/?

#include <linux/module.h> #include <linux/init.h> #include <linux/fs.h> #include <linux/cdev.h> #include <linux/device.h> #include <linux/uaccess.h> #define ...
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Cannot install Nvidia Drivers on Debian VM with secure boot enabled

Edited short-ish version. While secure boot is enabled you cannot use unsigned dkms modules. If you want to keep using dkms and secure boot, you need en ensure the module can be trusted by secure boot....
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passing parameters to driver

This is a copy of the answer by afenster to Pass a string parameter with space character to a kernel module (at Stack Overflow) (which was identified by Joseph Sible as being the same question). When ...

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