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Make guests communicate with each other via hostname with Libvirt and dnsmasq

Side knowledge: Many applications resolve FQDNs with a call to gethostbyname. On Linux, the C library reads /etc/nsswitch.conf to configure its sources of information. If you have at least hosts: ...
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OpenWRT - Can't block DNS port (53) from WAN-LAN direction

For anyone looking to do this as of this post, you will need to add the following two lines to the end of your config dnsmasq block in /etc/config/dhcp : list interface 'lan' list notinterface ...
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dnsmasq pool without assigned ip

And also I want to assure that the static pool is not used to assign to dynamic hosts. If you don't want to hand out dynamic addresses from a DHCP range, using the static keyword, described in the ...
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