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Suddenly cannot reach certain hosts on eos

Checking DNS is a good start. But DNS is designed to be cached. So the first step would be to check if you have any network connectivity. ip a is a good place to start - make sure you have an IP ...
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getaddrinfo doesn't return IPv6 on Linux, but does on Macbook

I was a little surprised by MacOS behaviour here as Linux behaviour seems a bit more intuitive. Linux itself doesn't handle DNS, that's actually user space libraries such as glibc (I note you tagged ...
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Why do I get different browser behaviour when attempting to reach and the alias of its IP in /etc/hosts?

Yes, your browser well send a Host header, and in the case of HTTPS access, additonally use SNI, to tell the server which site it wants to access. This is of course nothing unusual - a single server ...
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Bind: Delegating a Subdomain With Its Own SOA

Typically I do sub-zones in a separate file. e.g. in named.conf I might have zone "" { type master; file ""; }; zone "" { ...
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Recofiguring DNS/DHCP: a bit of advice?

Unless systems need to operate without a functioning DNS service (for example, when one is a DNS server) it's generally a good idea to leave them assigned through DHCP. This gives you a single point ...
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