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Failed to get releases for UEFI dbx: No releases found: Not compatible with org.freedesktop.fwupd version 1.7.9, requires >= 1.9.1

There are only two solutions: ignore the message upgrade fwupd The UEFI dbx (also available through LVFS), contains revocation lists for software which can be run from UEFI. Updating that is good to ...
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Can `make` automatically install dependencies?

This is a Makefile target that I sometimes use to deploy stuff in systems where i do not know exactly what installed packages I can rely on being already installed. I should be possible to extend this ...
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Understanding yum error

I found this Resolving Dependency Errors and ended up just deleting the package that was holding it up (389-ds-base-snmp- after deleting it I was able to run yum update ...
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