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How can i move Flatpak installed apps to another disk?

I found a really good solution. Solved my problem and reduced the storage in my root folder by 17 GB. The solution was to create a link to the folder containing all the Flatpak apps on another disk: ...
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Can Linux OpenVPN server be accessed with Windows 10 Build-in VPN?

The built-in Windows client doesn't support OpenVPN. However it should be possible to use IPsec VPN to connect them. You'll need StrongSWAN (or a current alternative) on the Linux server. (I've not ...
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Long running program started from cron

Your method would work assuming the locking is done well. As an alternative, have you considered using systemd to manage the server with an automatic restart if/when the service exits?
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Removing Gradle with all dependencies

I have solved problem using Synaptic Package Manager: File > History > select date --> copy and create list of installed packages. Then using command: sudo apt purge $(awk '{print $1}' <...
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