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How to parse strace recvfrom syscall?

recvfrom(2) is documented like this (using a Linux man page below): ssize_t recvfrom(int sockfd, void buf[restrict .len], size_t len, int flags, struct ...
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How to use self signed certificate with curl

curl -vv helped a lot. I was suspecting that curl simply expects the certificate in a specific format and turns out it need both private key client.key ( pkey) and client.pem ( cert ) in one file. [~] ...
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Apache Server: HTTP/2 issues

You've hit a bug in the http2 module for Apache. I reported it 2023-11-22 and it was fixed the day after, see Broken date in case of h2c w/ curl --http2 · Issue #272 · icing/mod_h2 According to the ...
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Resume failed download using Linux command line tool

curl -C - If you want to use curl instead of wget: curl -C - -o index.html From the man: Use "‐C -" to tell curl to automatically find out where/how to resume the ...
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How to set connect-timeout value of curl more than 120 sec in linux systems?

You can try: curl --connect-timeout 180 --max-time 180, but.... 120 seconds is the limit on many providers like Cloudflare. If you're trying to curl a website, and you're going ...
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How to speed up curl?

Use -Z Another potential solution depending on your use case is the -Z flag. This is useful when providing multiple URLs to curl or when having curl automate things like pagination by specifying a ...
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Locally built Git install can't connect to remote repos - missing remote-https

It seems the problem was that the configure script for Git would attempt to find the Curl libraries and headers only in the default system locations, not the location my earlier local install had put ...
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