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Running a cronjob that requires setting of several environment variables in particular directory

cron uses a shell to interpret the command line given in the crontab. By default, it's sh, but by setting the SHELL variable in the crontab like you do here, you can get a different shell. So you can ...
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Crontab entry with hour range going over midnight

In V7 cron and later System V cron, there wasn't a way to mix lists and ranges. In from which all modern crons are forked or inspired, lists and ranges can co-exist. So ...
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When scheduling jobs to be run by crontab, should leading zeros be used for the hour?

In I see that entry.c::get_number() just calls atoi(3) which has no special behavior in the case of leading zeros. It seems possible that some atoi(3) somewhere will ...
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What does ? means in cron expression?

The crontab generator you used does not seem to target standard cron at all. I believe you must have used CronMaker, which says in its description that it targets "Quartz open source scheduler&...
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