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where to enable /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/0/memory.usage_in_bytes?

export CONFIG_MEMCG=true export CONFIG_CGROUPS=true These aren't things you export as environment variables, these are kernel compile time options. So, this makes no sense! However, doesn't really ...
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show running config of samba

Use smbcontrol to dump the runtime configuration: smbcontrol all debug 10 That command sets the debug level to 10, which is very verbose. Now check the logs, look for lines that start with params.c, ...
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Persisting sshd_config settings

There is now, at least in Debian based distributions. If having trouble, see:
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How to increase number of workspaces in Debian 12?

Normally I press (alt)+(ctr)+(up-arrow) and the system show us all the working-spaces at the same time. Now it is possible to: select a working-space remove a working-space (pressing the (x) in the ...
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How to set absolute postfix Maildir NOT within home directory ? mail_spool_directory does not work

As is mentioned in my post above, home_mailbox supersedes mail_spool_directory. If any value is specified for home_mailbox, then the mail directory is set relative to the users home directory, as the ...
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Additional "rules" for systemd network interfaces?

Those two .network configs you mention are not original systemd nor Debian files – they have been manually added by whoever prepared the image, and they are in /etc, not in /lib nor /usr/lib – so I ...
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Setup NUT power failure notifications when running computer on UPS battery

You can do that with just nut-monitor. Append something like the following to your upsmon.conf: NOTIFYCMD /etc/nut/nut-handler # Add `EXEC` to the events you want notified: see `man upsmon.conf` ...
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Add files only one program can see (without root)

If you don't have access to the source of the program or can't recompile it after modifying it but it's dynamically linked (and not setuid/setgid...), you can use a LD_PRELOAD trick to hijack the ...
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How do I identify all of the configured memory limits for a service started using systemd?

Not answering the original question but check the underlying command/process is not running out of memory rather than systemd After trying this for me this issue was actually the underlying node ...
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