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building Debian package without associated packages that are bundled together

Another way - override dh_strip in debian/rules and set flag for building w/o dbgsym --no-automatic-dbgsym: override_dh_strip: dh_strip --no-automatic-dbgsym
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CMake error: In the make step, compiler is unable to see header file that does exist. Exporting pasth to CPATH doesn't help

AFAIK the preferred way to add header search paths in cmake is via CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH rather than CPATH - so the appropriate command would be cmake -DCMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/include/boost .. however ...
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Global vs package specific USE — best practice

I'm going to take a stab at this one as I've been using Gentoo as my daily Linux Driver for nearly 20 years. Inheritance The reason most users who attempt to tackle the mess that is Gentoo become ...
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Global vs package specific USE — best practice

it doesn't recommend when to put the USE keyword globally (/etc/portage/make.conf) and when to put the USE keyword at the package level (/etc/portage/package.use). Well, the wiki does somehow : It ...
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Global vs package specific USE — best practice

Gentoo is about flexibility in some sense, so you can do whatever works for you, but things do tend to work more smoothly the more you can stick to the defaults. Given that, when in doubt, it's ...
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Is there a Linux distro compiled with clang/llvm?

Chimera Linux is built with LLVM toolchain, and uses musl libc.
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