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A compiler like clang++ only does compiling of the source code. In your case, it creates the executable file a.out (since you didn't explicitly tell it to use some other output filename using the -o option). The compiler will not automatically run the resulting executable. These things also holds true for g++ (the GNU C++ compiler) as well as for both the ...


Pass the -fcompare-debug-second option to gcc. gcc's internal API has a diagnostic_inhibit_note() function which turns any "note:" messages off, but that is only serviceable via the unexpected -fcompare-debug-second command line switch, defined here. Fortunately, turning notes off is its only effect, unless the -fcompare-debug or the -fdump-final-insns ...


In Debian-based distributions, the package, binfmt-support, provides the functionality. Look in the procedure file system for the formats that were configured with installation of the package. ls /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc Make sure to also give the .pyc file/s permission to execute.

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