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From the version number of your vim, it looks like you're running Debian Jessie. Since 2019-07-06, it's been the oldoldstable version, and so it's going to be obsolete soon. Just a thing to be aware of... You'll need the vim-runtime package. It has no hard dependencies, so you could just get to some other computer with internet access, download that single ...


I wasn't able to find a solution for double-sided pages. But colors were wrong due to a bad default settings I correct through CUPS (http://localhost:631) : I sat Color Model from RGB to CMY.


(as discussed in comments, use tput instead if you have it) Using bourne shell and echo (built-in) command which understands the ANSI escape \e with -e option: black() { IFS= ; while read -r line; do echo -e '\e[30m'$line'\e[0m'; done; } red() { IFS= ; while read -r line; do echo -e '\e[31m'$line'\e[0m'; done; } green() { IFS= ; while read -r line; do ...

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