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How can I set the position that terminal opens at?

for me, at this date (running Mint 21.3 in xfce4 environment), copying the terminal.desktop file at ~/.local/share/applications/ and editing its Exec field, would result nothing. But I found a ...
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About License under software manager

That is about the text of the license (GPL v3) itself, not the software. It means that while the FSF allows you to use the GPL license for your projects (which often involves copying the text of the ...
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I am stuck attempting to set a udev hwdb to remap KEY_PRESENTATION to something compatible with xmodmap

Your keyboard probably counts as an AT keyboard, not a USB keyboard (run sudo evemu-describe to be sure). Just write a rule that applies to any AT keyboard: evdev:atkbd:* KEYBOARD_KEY_f5=prog3
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