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Where is the Cinnamon LookingGlass log?

In Cinnamon 3.8.x the glass.log file was combined into the ~/.xsession-errors file. You can view and filter only (looking)glass.log entries on the Log tab of the Melange-Cinnamon Debugger application. ...
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What is the difference between tiling and snapping windows on Linux Mint cinnamon

I was wondering the same thing and finally found the answer: Visually, the two modes have nearly identical behavior, which is why it's confusing. As you noticed in both modes, the window you're ...
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Clear recent open file history on Linux Mint

The history is in ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel but it is not sufficient to remove that file. If you do the Recent Files entry keeps on showing the files you accessed, and if you open a file with ...
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PPA addition taking too long

I temporarily disabled IPv6 system-wide. It seems to be a DNS routing issue. I was able to use the hotspot on my phone to troubleshoot and the problems went away. sudo sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all....
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App icons don't appear in system tray on Linux Mint 17.3

It was found that "System tray" applet was disabled in my system. Fixed in this way: enter app menu type "Applets" and press "Enter" button on "Installed Applets" tab search for "System tray" ...
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Cinnamon Getting rid of CTRL-ALT-A shortcut

I had this issue on a brand new Linux Mint 19.1 install, I searched all possible system keybindings, to no avail - then, I found out that Ctrl-Alt-A was hijacked by Terminator, even if it was set to ...
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How can I set the position that terminal opens at?

xterm Options Using Xresources or Xdefaults This is the general "syntax" for options that go into the ~/.Xresources or ~/.Xdefaults file: XTerm*geometry: COLUMNSxROWS+X+Y For example XTerm*...
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Linux Mint workspace switch time

I think the animation of switch workspace is annoying.So, in Cinnamon 3.0.7, I backup /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/windowManager.js and edit const WINDOW_ANIMATION_TIME = 0.25; to const ...
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Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon - How to disable [Super][Space]?

My first time answering, hopefully it is helpful and a functional solution is provided. So try this: Right-click anywhere on your panel to bring this menu: Press the "Panel edit mode". You ...
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How to add shortcut to Cinnamon taskbar

There is another way to do this besides Christopher's method. I've tested it in Linux Mint 17.3. Simply find the application in the Menu and drag and drop into the launcher. I struggled with the ...
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Double screen: desktops "moving" with the mouse

This just happened to me. The solution: Hold down the ALT key and roll the mouse wheel. It was a zoom feature that accidentally got triggered when I held down ALT and didn't notice I moved my wheel. ...
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How do I change the number of available workspaces in Cinnamon?

You can also use the context menu on the Workspace switcher applet:
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Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon cannot start a session

It's VirtualBox that is the problem. Fix: <Ctrl><Alt><F1> to get a shell and login to the prompt. Then: sudo apt-get remove virtualbox* Credit goes to: Mint forum
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Is there a way to hide a folder without changing its name?

Nemo uses GLib, so you should have access to the .hidden feature that it provides. Create a file named .hidden in the parent directory containing the files or directories that you want to hide, then ...
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I can't open the terminal in Cinnamon

gnome terminal wasn't installed, i don't know if anyone is going to fix that, but i solved it by sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal and i posted my solution on launchpad, I'm not going to delete ...
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How can I set the position that terminal opens at?

As an update, the top answer didn't work for me in Ubuntu 18.04 as of Aug. 2018. What got the job done is Hardware -> Keyboard -> Add new command (By hitting plus sign). Fill in the "Command" field ...
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What commands are run by ALT+F2 and "r"?

Since posting this question, and with the help of the discussion following the earlier posted answer, I found the following answer in the Cinnamon source code: /** * cinnamon_global_reexec_self: * @...
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How can I disable the shutter sound of gnome-screenshot?

Renaming the shutter sound file is OK, but probably won't work if you don't have root access to the system. Here's an alternative approach: #!/bin/bash volume=$(amixer sget Master | awk -F '[],[,%]' ...
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Mount google drive on command line using gvfs-google

You need to install via pacman gnome-control-center and add your account from that Gnome component. Unfortunately, that means a ton of annoying Gnome dependencies come with this Gnome component to use ...
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How to disable CTRL acting on touchpad's momentum in Cinnamon?

This is since coasting has been implemented in the libinput drivers, ostensibly to improve usability, but with side effects (originating in the translation to X11 events) that you are experiencing. ...
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Why does installing different desktop environments break things?

Generally it shouldn't matter. Different desktop environments should have their own config and not interfere with each other. There are however some corner cases: Some desktop environments are forks ...
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Why does installing different desktop environments break things?

Additional desktop environments break things by modifying configuration files hidden in your /home/user folder. Your primary desktop environment expects a certain configuration and it sometimes doesn'...
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How to customize window tiling zones/grid?

Cinnamon provided an extension called gtile for enhanced tiling, which might be what you are looking for. To install the gtile extension: open the Menu -> Settings -> Extensions.
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wmctrl doesn't move window when snapped or tiled

After playing around with this, I have a hack that works. Just add the maximized_vert or maximized_horz property to the window. Even if it already has the property, this will break tiling and will ...
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Cinnamon: lost default nemo launch for shortkey win + E

I finally found the issue in /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache, with the following entry: inode/directory=org.gnome.baobab.desktop;nemo.desktop; changing it back to: inode/directory=nemo....
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What commands are run by ALT+F2 and "r"?

Cinnamon, like GNOME from which it was forked, will restart the session when you type r into the Alt-F2 window. It's just telling it to re-execute itself, so it's not invoking a new command, but ...
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Disable Cinnamon volume applet's sound when changing volume

Just wanted to give an updated answer for Cinnamon of LMDE 2 (Debian/jessie). Since Cinnamon in LMDE 2 there is the option to disable the sound effects when changing the volume: Sound Settings -> ...
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Where are the icons in the ALT-TAB switcher loaded from? How can I edit them?

These icons are generally located in the /usr/share/icons/hicolor/<resolution>/apps/ directories. <resolution> corresponds to each resolution available: for instance, 22x22 or 128x128. ...
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Linux Mint Volume Buttons Past 100%

To get the volume 150% run the following command: pactl -- set-sink-volume 0 150% Or using the GUI , install the pavucontrol package then run it from the terminal :pavucontrol , then modify the %...
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