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mount -t cifs: "Operation not supported", but can connect via smbclient

At work I encountered a similar problem. moun -t cifs just stopped working. Following mounting a CIFS/SMB resource and looking at the output of demsg, I found that adding the option vers=1.0 did the ...
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Mounting cifs: "Operation not supported"

To fill out the answers from @Ken and @Paul: The SMB version needs to be specified when higher than v1: mount -t cifs \ -o username=USERNAME,vers=3.0 \ //server/share \ /mnt/point The Linux ...
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Make Linux write to network filesystem concurrently with local disk reads

After some more investigation, it looks like this issue is less kernel related and more about how rsync and CIFS interact. As far as I can make out, what is happening is that when rsync closes the ...
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CIFS randomly losing connection to Windows share

I found an interesting related post here cifs mounted folder keeps disconnecting (ubuntu server), talking of a similar problem (same error, Samba shares). The relevant tidbit here, for following the ...
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Can you add entries to fstab with a GUI in ubuntu?

On Ubuntu you can edit your fstab using the gnome-disk-utility. From the terminal run gnome-disks or type Disks from the dash. Select the disk then the partition, from the Option menu select Edit ...
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Symlink support with Windows/CIFS server, and linux client

If you are only going to use the symbolic links from your Linux context, the mfsymlinks option to mount.cifs may be what you need: mfsymlinks Enable support for Minshall+French symlinks(...
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mount error : cifs filesystem not supported by the system

CONFIG_CIFS=m means the CIFS functionality is compiled into a kernel module. If the cifs module isn't loaded after a reboot, you can append a line cifs to the file /etc/modules. The file lists ...
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mount error : cifs filesystem not supported by the system

I had a similar problem, the module location was changed because of rolling release arch distribution, so path was different. Reboot
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Very slow CIFS/SMB performace

I was just puzzling over a similar sounding CIFS performance problem. Transfers to and from a Windows client and our Samba server had good speed, but downloads from the server to two Ubuntu machines (...
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Ask for password while mounting cifs share

A quick look at the manual page shows: password=arg specifies the CIFS password. If this option is not given then the environment variable PASSWD is used. If the password is not ...
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Why are files in a smbfs mounted share created with executable bit set?

You can find out why this is happening from the following explanation on the Samba web site under the File Permissions and Attributes on MS-DOS and Unix section:
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Mounting Windows shares from /etc/fstab fails, but mount -a works once the system is up

You need to add _netdev to your mount options in /etc/fstab. // /home/use0/DriveD cifs credentials=/etc/smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,fsc,uid=use0,gid=use0,file_mode=0644,...
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Mounting windows share with write permission for both root and user

sudo mount -t cifs //MOC/php /home/gameboy/Pulpit/Windows-Share -o user=wat,username=gameboy,password=fakepassword,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777
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What does browseable in samba configuration mean?

From the man page: browseable This controls whether this share is seen in the list of available shares in a net view and in the browse list. Consider, do you also have "guest ok"? guest ok ...
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system-config-samba crash with could not open configuration file `/etc/libuser.conf'

Suffice to create that file: sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf And re-run the samba configurator.
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Fstab not automatically mounting SMB storage?

I had to enable the service that automounts network drives as @Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams said. The details are here. sudo systemctl enable systemd-networkd-wait-online
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How to prevent writing to CIFS from stalling for minutes on end?

By default cifs mounts use protocol 1.0, which besides obsolete, is largely inefficient and does not recover well from sleep for several reasons. Depending on what is your server technology, you ...
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dirty_ratio per device

dirty_ratio per device Q: Are there any ways to "whitelist" the fast devices to have more write cache? Or to have the slow devices (or remote "devices" like //cifs/paths) use less write cache? ...
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htop does not show a process

Go to setup and change your 'Display' options: F2 > Display options Do not hide kernel threads and show custom thread names: [ ] Hide kernel threads [x] Show custom thread names Save: F10
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CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -95

I get into the same problem. For me work adding the option vers=2.0
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Systemd automount vs autofs

I think you've largely answered your own question. Systemd thinks about most things in a "just in time" manager, so adding automount was an obvious extension. The configuration uses a common style, ...
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Automatically fetch uid and gid in a command

You can use the id command: $ id uid=1000(muru) gid=1000(muru) groups=1000(muru),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo)... Just the UID: $ id -u 1000 Just the GID: $ id -g 1000 So, using command substitution:...
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Mount cifs using a credentials file

I had a similar issue. For me installing cifs-utils fixed the issue.
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How to make a cifs/smb mount ignore umask?

The noperm fstab option allows all users to read and write to the CIFS mount (which is what umask=000 would have done if it was supported by mount.cifs). Example line in /etc/fstab: \\computer\UNC\...
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Using cups to print to windows domain with password in a separate file

If you create the printer, either through the web ui or via lpadmin with a URL with the special characters % encoded like this: lpadmin -p fake -v smb://bob:pass%20word@rice/BLAH -P /tmp/foo.ppd ...
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Permission denied on files in a directory on a CIFS-mounted Windows share in Linux

Further digging revealed a noperm parameter that can be used on the mount command: sudo mount.cifs //HPSERVER/linux-bup/ /home/maxg/bmsOnSrvr --v -o user=linux,pass=****,noperm result now: # [2018-...
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mount error(115): Operation now in progress

The issue ended up being that the route to the NAS was missing. Once the route was added, I was able to mount the drive with ease. route add-net x.x.x.x netmask x.x.x.x gw x.x.x.x Hopefully this ...
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How does mount know that it's a cifs mount without -t?

Does mount assume cifs once it sees the double slashes(//) or is there some other method? Yes, that's exactly how (lib)mount does it -- if source is not a block device it assumes it is a network ...
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How to move files on remote CIFS share into different remote folder using e.g. smbclient

You can use the rename operation on the remote system to move files from current directory to somewhere else. smb: \> md testfolder smb: \> rename test.mp3 testfolder/test.mp3 smb: \> cd ...
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Ask for password while mounting cifs share

To force Centos to prompt you for a password install the following packages: samba-client cifs-utils You can install these by running yum install samba-client cifs-utils as root or with sudo.
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