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Compling kernel in CentOS 9

You need the linux-kernel-headers libraries installed since the readahead.h library is part of the. Install the kernel-devel & kernel-headers packages for your centos kernel. To make sure the ...
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ifconfig command not found

The idea behind this command, is that if all you're looking for is the IPs, they'll be the last thing outputted. Otherwise, you can scroll up for more detail if needed: { ip --stats --color --human ...
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OpenJDK 17 for CentOS 7

Use Temurin. You'll need the Adoptium yum repo configuration from
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Why is my stub-resolve.conf missing?

After upgrading from Ubuntu 22.04 to Ubuntu 24.04, I found on two of my systems that name resolution was failing, with symptoms like Porcupine's comment here. Symptoms: /etc/resolv.conf was a symlink ...
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Finding CentOS 7 Compatible Packages

While you can download packages from, you will at some point have issues from a Centos7 host due to the ancient TLS / CA certs DB. Also, you shouldn't be connecting an unsupported OS ...
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Finding CentOS 7 Compatible Packages

It looks like is still functional.
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upgrade/downgrade Kernel CentOS to a different version than the last one, and different version than the previously used locally

This would list the available versions: dnf --showduplicates search kernel | grep kernel-5 Which at least lists the last few versions (local and remote): kernel-5.14.0-427.18.1.el9_4.x86_64 : The ...
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How to add proxy server settings in wifi router or access point

Your question is a very generic question so here is one case of an answer that assumes that your router is running DD-WRT: . (DD-WRT is an ...
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