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Mounting BTRFS in RHEL 8

I have the same issue on RHEL 9. Now what I'll tell you to do is not smart, but it works. To get a kernel with btrfs, I installed kernel-ml from elrepo and rebooted. This alone is enough for me to ...
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What is the difference between a Btrfs filesystem and a Btrfs partition?

No, there is no good reason to shrink a file system, and not shrink the partition. It will just leave wasted unusable space at the end of the partition. No, you can't have two filesystems in one ...
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What is the point of `btrfs balance` on one device?

I never did an balance on my btrfs partition (single disk / no raid), but did today because my filesystem was full and I tried some things. It freed several gigabytes! Before: sudo btrfs filesystem us ...
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Best strategy to backup btrfs root filesystem?

Moved from edit-to-question: The solution I came up with uses btrbk, which is a single perl script that manages snapshots and automatically sends them to another drive. I documented the setup on my ...
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How to encrypt an existing disk on Fedora without formatting?

Thanks for the fantastic guide, works very well! As a small footnote, and for current fedora versions, I suggest adapting 18) to: "Regenerate the GRUB config: grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub....
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Mounting existing /home partition with btrfs when installing arch linux

You can find the file in /dev/ or the UUID with e.g: lsblk -o NAME,PATH,UUID,FSTYPE and mount it between step 2 and 3 of the Installation guide with: mount /dev/?? /mnt/home/ or if you can see the ...
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