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Switching keyboard layouts

You are getting "Error loading new keyboard description" because setxkbmap actually needs different layout names than those you are setting in the commands. If you run localectl list-keymaps ...
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Unable to compile bspwm

You need to install (at least) libxcb-shape0-dev.
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Line of spikes overlap text on Kitty terminal emulator

I'd agree, this looks like a bug in kitty. You'd start by looking for, and if not finding one, filing a big report on kitty's bug tracker. These are both the folks who knows best where that might come ...
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Switching keyboard layouts

I use setxkbmap to switch between Dvorak and QUERTY. I have a bash script at ~/.local/bin/toggle_kbd (which is included in my PATH), which my window manager has bound to a shortcut. It just runs a ...
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Switching keyboard layouts

I cannot comment due to a lack of reputation. I don't know the answer, just want to share my thoughts. First the worst case. Could you not recover from not being able to type in your passphrase by ...
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How to show pointer after it has been hidden by unclutter

You could try adding a second command to the sxhkd configuration lines that send bspc focus commands to move the mouse just a little after it, for example with xdotool mousemove_relative 1 0.
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How to use mopidy-youtube?

Like said in the readme of the mopidy-youtube repository, you have to open your MPD client, ncmpcpp for instance, and type the following command: yt:<youtube link here> But first, make sure you ...
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Is it possible to change bspwm binds to work like tmux binds?

I can only answer about the "other" tiling window manager. i3 allows you to define modes which sounds like what you want: # Press $mod+o followed by either f, t, Escape or Return to launch ...
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Can't launching a script from bspwmrc

My guess is that bspwmrc doesn't use bash to execute its contents, so it doesn't execute .bashrc. You can do sudo vim /etc/profile. It will have a section like: appendpath '/usr/local/sbin' appendpath ...
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How to zoom/magnify on linux without compiz (bspwm)

For a similar zoom as compiz offers, you can resort to xfwm4 (xfce). It does full desktop zoom out of the box by using Alt + mousewheel.
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