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Grub custom menu entry booting a wrong partition

Grub was searching the kernel and initrd on the good partition. But the initrd was searching for a live system on the drives, and stops on the first it has read. So the initrd of the live system was ...
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LFS booting EFI in macbook pro 2014

The answer is to copy the x64 booting image file not the x86 after linux kernel compilation like this. the old code cp -iv arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-6.7.4-lfs-12.1 the new code cp -iv ...
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Boot kernel from UEFI directly

This might be interesting in this context: There is now a new approach to booting directly from UEFI: "NMBL" which is short for "No More BootLoader". As this is project is ...
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Linux reboots by itself after reaching login screen

Sorry for long silence(Army and stuff). The problem was with Nvidia proprietary drivers which can be fixed with live-usb and manual installing of drivers using chroot. Thanks to ChanganAuto for answer
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How is it possible to create bootable USB purely by using dd command and .iso file?

When booting in standard BIOS, it looks for the MBR on the USB drive. The BIOS reads the MBR, which points it to the bootloader. The bootloader is what reads the filesystem (ISO 9660, EXT4, FAT32, ...
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How is it possible to create bootable USB purely by using dd command and .iso file?

It is possible because the ISO is so called Hybrid ISO. Thanks @TomYan. Bellow is more information that explains why it is possible, basically there is unused space at the beginning that can be used ...
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How to install Linux/GNU on Dell laptop?

I recommend ubuntu 18.04 / 20.04 for dual boot between windows, linux : reference of tweak in ubuntu 18.04 / 20.04
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How to clone boot partition in another drive and make it bootable?

You need to tell the UEFI firmware of your computer that there is a bootloader on that partition! efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sdb (not sdb1!) would do that. However, questionable whether you really want ...
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What stage of boot is asking for my password?

hd0 is Grub's syntax for hard disks. Prompt 1 is Grub asking for the passphrase to decrypt the encryption key for the encrypted partition containing /boot. Prompts 2 and 3 are from Linux. The ...
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