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udev - nr_requests on block device not applying on boot but all other rules run correctly

It's probably overwritten by a later (or earlier) rule. Try := instead of = to see if that "fixes" it.
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Differences Between `/dev/null` and Devices Under `null_blk` Driver

/dev/null is a "character device", on which all reads return empty and all writes complete fully with no additional side-effects. These are the semantics since V5 UNIX in 1974, and are ...
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Differences Between `/dev/null` and Devices Under `null_blk` Driver

/dev/null is handled by a device driver, but it’s a very simple one. The major difference between /dev/null and null_blk is that the former is a character device, the latter a block device. The former ...
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turn on/off an external usb ssd with UHUBCTL

uhubctl doesn't turn off devices. It turns off the power to USB port the device is connected to. This has the effect of disconnecting and reconnecting the external device ("port off" ...
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Is it safe to write to file's extents directly while the FS is r/w?

If the writes are only to the blocks of the file, then it wouldn't corrupt the ext4 filesystem. However, there is a definitely a bigger risk that some error in the code could corrupt the filesystem, ...
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Why is DM-Integrity so slow compared to BTRFS?

I've found at least 2 flaws with my prior testing, but I don't yet know whether they entirely explain the discrepancy. Neither the journal/bitmap mode nor the integrity algorithm are stored in the DM-...
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