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ACPI BIOS Error During Boot: Could Not Resolve Symbols

Question 1: What is the cause of this ACPI BIOS error during boot? As the error message says, this is a bug in your firmware. This isn't a new problem, somewhen in the 5.x kernel release cycle these ...
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Debian Driver issues

You're missing the firmware for your AMD Radeon graphics card. Because those are non-free binary blobs they aren't carried in the main branch of the distro, and for the latest version of Debian they ...
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SATA options & conflicts for dual booting windows and Linux

You need to start Windows in Safe Mode, then change the disk controller from RAID to AHCI mode, then put Windows back into normal boot mode. I described how to do this here: https://www.theregister....
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Reboot and select proper boot device SSD error

I followed the Debian instructions for reinstalling grub-efi, which can be summarized as follows: Boot a live usb (or rescue mode on an install USB) on the BIOS and board you wish for your SSD to ...
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