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Found the solution here : Why does LXQT Autostart not do anything? I updated the /home/debian/.config/autostart folder and created a new .desktop file with inputs: [Desktop Entry] Exec=sh script_name Path=/full/path/to/working/directory Name=MyAppName Type=Application Version=1.0


Have you tried using a provisioning file? Here is a minimal example for /var/lib/connman/default.config: [service_eth0] Type = ethernet IPv4 = Connman should use this configuration, if there's none available in /var/lib/connman/ethernet*. You can find more details and examples in the connman manpages, e.g.


You can use netstat or ss to get the list of programs and users that are using a socket. So for ss do ss -lpe |grep 8080 for netstat do netstat -ntpl |grep 8080 If nothing returns then nothing using 8080. Both commands should return similar info in a bit different format. If you see an app using port 8080 you need to go to that apps config and ...

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