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How to determine size of tar archive without creating it?

to calculate the size of a tar without creating it, with the GNU implementation of tar, use: tar --totals -cf /dev/null folder/ time tar --totals -cf /dev/null folder/ # fast!
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Best strategy to backup btrfs root filesystem?

Moved from edit-to-question: The solution I came up with uses btrbk, which is a single perl script that manages snapshots and automatically sends them to another drive. I documented the setup on my ...
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rsync freezes whole system

Update: Try mounting the drive read-only. (If the disk is mounted when you make the change, remember to unmount and remount for the change to take effect.) You can do this by adding the "ro"...
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How do I refresh the magnetic state on a disks with backups?

The spinning disks do not store the bits 1:1. They encode them in codes. Also, at the lowest level, a 1 bit is stored as a change in the magnetic polarity, while 0 is stored as the same polarity. Also,...
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