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There are no default bindings for this as far as I know, but the required methods to create them exist: focusing a screen directly awful.screen.focus. Takes a screen object to move focus to. moving a client client:move_to_screen. Note that you'll want to add this to the client bindings table, not the global one. If you want to create the bindings based on ...


It looks like Pango, the library that Awesome WM uses to render fonts, has dropped support for bitmap fonts. I have installed the TTF version of Terminus and specified it in my theme file like so: theme.font = "Terminus (TTF) 12" Depending on your font rendering settings, you may need to adjust how Terminus is rendered in your .config/fontconfig/fonts.conf,...


Apparently, urxvt does not respect ~/.XCompose, (See: man page). Many distribution do also load settings from the ~/.Xresources file when X starts. urxvt will consult the following files/resources in order, with later settings overwriting earlier ones: app-defaults file in $XAPPLRESDIR $HOME/.Xdefaults RESOURCE_MANAGER property on root-window ...


On Arch Linux + GNOME (at least), you can add the following line into ~/.bashrc to have new Terminal windows opened in the current directory: source /etc/profile.d/ There is already a related question about new tabs. It turns out that the answer is the same for new windows.

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