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On SystemD systems devices listed in /etc/fstab which are not present at boot time but appear later are mounted automatically. Other systems don't do that (at least not all of them). So you need something that triggers a mount /test call when the device has become available. This could be done with a udev rule (RUN=).


Perhaps you can try: UID=14a0f0f0-27ac-4101-8d11-3057f10d1385 /test errors=remount-ro,user,noatime 0 2 that should let any errors show and mount as read-only if there are errors.


I guess you can boot into the recovery console? Try running e2fsck (man page) on it, e.g.: e2fsck -f -v -C 0 -t /dev/sda2 If it doesn't help, please check your GRUB command line. Edit: the issue was actually caused by dubious default mount options: rw,noatime,nodelalloc,data=writeback I've recommended to reduce them down to defaults,noatime which has ...

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