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When switching users in Debian 11 audio is blocked by one of them

I had the same problem, and the solution turned out to be somewhat counterintuitive: it requires reducing access to audio devices. To get audio to reliably follow users when switching, you have to ...
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Add chapter metadata to audiobook using ffmpeg

You should write ffmpeg -i input.m4a -i chapters.txt -map 0 -map_metadata 1 -c copy output.m4b
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Switch audio output by keyboard in KDE Plasma

As a variant - you can go by way of scripts/launchers and set the hotkeys to run this scripts. First you need to get a list of "sinks", which is how system knows audo devices: pactl list ...
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PulseAudio: How to determine native sample rates and bit depths, supported by hardware?

Quote from Archlinux Wiki You can check what your DAC supports by querying ALSA: First get the card number of your DAC: $ aplay -l ... card 3: S2 [Schiit Hel 2], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio] ...
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Bluetooth Issues with Airpods Pro 2 on Debian 12

With the help of markkoszy's answer, I wrote a script that builds a package whose sole function is to place the file in the right place. In addition, this package requires ...
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Command line per-application volume (maybe amixer or pactl?)

i used @pablo-a solution but edited it to work with pactl #!/bin/bash function pactl-set-app-volume() { local player="$1" local volume="$2" playerSinkIndex="$(pactl list ...
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How do you send/stream AC3/A52 encoded audio via HDMI?

The short answer is you don't, AFAIK. It's a product of conflicting requirements. HDMI only supports uncompressed PCM data and cannot do any form of passthrough, but it does support a ridiculous(like ...
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No output or input devices found for audio on Debian/KDE since pulseaudio can't be started ("Failed to load module "module-native-protocol-unix"")

I found the cause now or at least the solution: quitting the qsynth process. Before asking I noticed that a to me unknown qsynth process is trying to make Internet connection with sudo lsof -i but ...
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brasero: "name.ext" is not suitable for audio or video media

Both the warnings you get and the behaviour you see sound like bugs (but they don't seem to be related, just separate issues). Couple of notes: I used lame to convert that into a 44100 Hz highest ...
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