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How to install OBS studio on Arch Linux without flatpak?

Run sudo pacman -S obs-studio. This will install dependencies for you. Run pacman -Si obs-studio to see which optional dependencies you can install for extra functionality. Now about your specific ...
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Seagate Pipeline HD hard-drive not found in Asus UEFI bios

Answer: As it turns out this model of hard-drive comes with (Power Up In Standby) or PUIS features enabled by default. To fix this boot a live install of arch linux then find the disk in question ...
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Assign ttyACM to USB

Alright, I found another document that helped actually. Turns out there is nothing to do on my system. It's not like I needed drivers or so. In fact the device itself has to ways of connecting. ...
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arch linux not booting up after installation. Issue with grub

Did you install intel-ucode package and add it to your grub config ? If yes you can try to disable mce by adding mce=off to your grub config to see if you get another error message while trying to ...
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Fresh Arch install: Lots of "could not resolve host" errors

My particular issue was not having installed linux-firmware before rebooting without the flash ISO. The wireless device was missing altogether from ip addr. The solution was to : Boot from the arch ...
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How to install an application from

If you don't plan to use an AUR helper, you can simply build the package from source by running(using the package you gave here as an example): git clone
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How to install an application from

Use an AUR helper. Personally, I use trizen, but you can find a list of available AUR helpers here. As usual, Arch has excellent documentation on this. The helper itself will probably need to be ...
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How to install an application from

I have git config --global url. aur: set up, and build my aur-sourced packages under my ~/aur directory, so for me, $ cd ~/aur $ git clone aur:intellij-idea-...
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How to install an application from

As any other AUR package (you even tagged aur, so I'll assume you'll know what that means), as documented on : Get the PGP key get the AUR source ...
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systemd-networkd-wait-online failure

systemd-networkd-wait-online is looking up configurations of the interfaces of systemd-networkd. so in this case instead of modifying the service file itself one can set an RequiredForOnline or ...
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Failed to request VPN secrets #3

If don't know why it has to be in the /usr/lib/gnome-shell directory to find it. locate nm-openconnect-auth-dialog /usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-openconnect-auth-dialog But notice the case of the path. ...
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How to boot into a terminal in arch

How to boot into a terminal in arch Run systemctl set-default to start into multi-user mode instead of into graphical mode. I've tried adding init=/bin/bash to the boot options ...
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Script not working fully under systemd

Jobs run through cron, or startup scripts, or systemd scripts, aren't run in the same runtime environment that you have on your desktop. Startup scripts are run as root. None of your PATH changes, or ...
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systemd unit indirect status

From man systemd.special: A special target unit for setting up a graphical login screen. This pulls in Units that are needed for graphical ...
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WireGuard: one of the peers can’t ping other peers, but handshake works and other peers can ping each other

On the wireguard server, add this rule: sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i wg0 -o wg0 -j ACCEPT
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modinfo: ERROR: Module udl not found

for module udlfb as you stated above, the error is "right" because it has not been compile (as module) since the kernel option # CONFIG_FB_UDL is not set module udl is included in (latest) ...
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localectl list-x11-keymap-variants gb, no qwerty variant

I have created my own keyboard layout: a mix of US and DK called "usdk" and as this has no variant, I was initially not able to set select this via localectl. But it turned out after a bit ...
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Linux RAID1 replace disks with higher capacity

I have fixed it in the meantime. Syntax for mdadm grow was wrong. It must be mdadm --grow /dev/md1 --size=max If I do so I can resize array and after that resize filesystem. This all works without ...
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Why do my files only appear when the drive is unmounted?

Your problem is that you wrote the files to the wrong filesystem (the one containing the /mnt/music directory, rather than the on on /dev/sda1). To fix this, get the admin to move the mount elsewhere, ...
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"PKGBUILD does not exist" when running "makepkg -cf"

August 2023 update, another alternative If available, try a -bin package option. Whatever you are trying to compile might already be compiled. That is one option, or not... This has been a problem in ...
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