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Arch KDE - Plasmashell crashes after locking screen and leaving a bit

Apparently this is a known problem with display port, after reporting it to the KDE Bugtracker I was told it would be fixed in Qt 6.7.3 in August
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Boot kernel from UEFI directly

This might be interesting in this context: There is now a new approach to booting directly from UEFI: "NMBL" which is short for "No More BootLoader". As this is project is ...
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How can I run a second window manager?

For folks that came from search engine Try switching TTY with Ctrl+Alt+F2 (see this answer for the details) and start new Xorg session there. Sorry, this is a short answer, and it will be more ...
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WSL: Processing fstab with mount -a failed

The system is running mount -a as part of its normal start-up process and failing. That usually means one of the lines of /etc/fstab has a problem. Since it interrupts the boot process and drops you ...
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Cannot connect to home server via SSH on Arch Linux

Did you check your router for any configuration like client/AP isolation? They are often set ON for wifi/cable devices, so devices from the Wifi cannot access the cable ones. Also, I would go full ...
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XDG-MIME does not function properly

The source code to the command file(1) used in Arch Linux was modified in February 2024, removing the pattern to recognize a file whose contents match the regex \^require\\(["'] as JavaScript, ...
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Arch Linux: GDM is defaulting to X11 instead of Wayland. What's up with my configuration?

Please enable the following services via systemd: nvidia-hibernate.service, nvidia-suspend.service & nvidia-resume.service and reboot. Arch Linux should use Wayland by default then.
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driver installed but not available

Although the package is named rtl8821cu, the module name is simply 8821cu.
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One of the monitors is not working

I found the reason of the problem. So, the new Nvidia drivers just do not give any image at DVI-D port for some reason or bug. I just deleted them and install mesa driver and, oh miracle, all 4 ...
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VSFTP local user works, but PAM users Permission Denied

Have you checked that the file exists on your system? The PAM modules are usually located at /lib/security/. But the userdb module has been removed on certain pam versions: https://bbs....
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SD card detected but no /dev entry created

As @Bib indicated, and as the docs explain: Dear Arch users, do always reboot after a kernel upgrade. The docs say "packages will not be upgraded" but it's a lot more sinister than that. ...
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Terrible brightness range and inverted brightness buttons on integrated display Endeavour OS

Update: I belive there is a workaround to force the highest possible brightness: step 1: sudo nano /etc/default/grub step 2: edit this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_backlight=...
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EFI variables are not supported and efibootmgr failed to register the boot entry

TL;DR Changing the Virtual Machine to run EFI fixed the problem. Credit: eyoung100 user. Story My Virtual Machine was not set to EFI mode (which I didn't know when I created it). Changing it to EFI ...
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Pamac cannot resolve alsa dependencies

You should sync the mirrors after switching branches: sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack && sudo pacman -Syyuu With sudo pacman -Syyuu instead of sudo pacman -Syu to force update. It helped me.
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